The art and science of logo design

Logo design can be one of the toughest challenges for a new company. What do you need to convey about your company, and how do you boil that down into a simple symbol?

Bill Haig, Ph.D., worked for years with famed graphic designer Saul Bass. He describes his approach, which he calls credibility-based logo design, in an article entitled “Would you buy a logo from this man?” He asserts that the key factor a logo needs to convey is credibility.

One of the obstacles I’ve encountered in logo design is that sometimes a client will want the logo to carry too much weight. A logo cannot convey your entire mission statement, or your business philosophy. Think of your logo not as a paragraph, but as a word. Smart. Fun. Classy. Precise. Inspiring.

Haig would say that there is one word that trumps all the others: Trust. The article is a worth reading if you are looking for insights in how to brand your company as a trusted source.