New Option! Medical and Science Website Copywriting

Maven Medical and Science CommunicationsI am excited to announce a new option available with the Start-Up Brand Identity Package. Red Beret Design has partnered with Maven Medical and Science Communications to offer copy writing for medical, science, biotech, healthcare, and life science websites. Now you have a single source to design, develop, and write compelling copy for your science or medical website.

Maven Medical and Science Communications includes principals Maggie D. Holley, M.A., and Jillian Orans, Ph.D. Ms. Holley received her M.A. in science and medical journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has worked as a clinical communications specialist at the Duke Clinical Research Institute, and as a science writer at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Dr. Orans holds a Ph.D. in biological chemistry from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has done postdoctoral research at Duke, and taught in the Duke University Medical Center Department of Pharmacology.

Now you can launch your new medical or science start-up with a strong brand identity and a professionally designed website with scientifically accurate and compelling content.

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Maggie D. Holley, M.A., and Jillian Orans, Ph.D.


Introducing the Start-Up Brand Identity Package

The Start-up Brand Identity Package provides the basic materials a new business needs to open their doors. It includes your logo, business cards, letterhead, a website, as well as logo files that you will need for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There are options you can add on if you need more website features or marketing materials right at the start.

The Gold Standard of Branding

The $20,000 to $100,000 that a major marketing and communications firm might charge for branding a new company is way out of reach for most entrepreneurs. Which is not to disparage the services that the big agencies provide…if your loan or grant or angel investor will finance that level of service, by all means go for it. But alas, some of us can only afford a Subaru, even though a private jet would get us to our destination so much faster.

Do It Yourself Branding

Many companies try the DIY route, designing a logo using free graphics software and tossing up a website with the free templates provided by a budget webhost. This doesn’t cost money but it does cost time, frittering away hours that would be better spent on your start-up’s core competencies. It’s disheartening to find that the logo looks jaggedy when you print it, or the cheap business cards have the printer’s name on the back, or you’ve spent all night and still can’t quite get the website laid out the way you want. And while you’re trying to figure out some clunky piece of software that you never hope to use again, your product development is neglected.

Cheap Cheap Brand Identity

There are plenty of places where you can have a logo designed super duper cheap. But, to quote the FAQ of one such shop, “We reserve the right to completely overlook your guidelines” (I’m not going to grace them with a link).

Likewise, there are places that will build you a website for a few hundred bucks. These are adequate if you just want to get some information up, fast. They are invariably built on templates, where you simply insert your logo and maybe choose from a half dozen color schemes. The problem is that there is no customization beyond that, and if you want to include some feature that is not available, you are stuck with a website you can’t easily customize or grow. And the same template is probably used by thousands of other companies, so any pretense to a unique brand identity is thrown out the window. I recently saw two competing businesses here in Durham, NC using the exact same website template. You would think they were partners, not competitors.

Where the Start-up Brand Identity Package fits in

The Start-up Brand Identity Package is designed to bridge the gap between Too Expensive and Unprofessional. I provide professional services at an affordable price.

The Start-up Brand Identity Package is not designed to be everything you will ever need for your branding and marketing, ever. It’s designed to be a good start that you can build on as your business grows. Unlike the online chop shops, I spend the time to get to know you, your business, and your business goals. When the time comes that you need more website content, an AdWords campaign, marketing collateral, trade show graphics, etc., I already have a basis of understanding about your business and your brand.

Other Options and Services

In addition to the Start-up Brand Identity Package, I’m offering several options for services you may want right away, such as basic search engine optimization, presentation materials, or training in how to update your own website.

If you were to hire that Gold Standard marketing firm, you would have at your disposal all manner of market researchers, strategists, writers, trademark attorneys, and other professionals. And your fees would be subsidizing all of that high-dollar staff and their Aeron chairs and benefit plans, regardless of whether or not you use their services.

I work with a variety of marketing professionals, writers, programmers, and other professionals who can be brought in on an as-needed basis. Or, I can simply make recommendations of professionals in my network who provide the services you need. I don’t get kickbacks or referral fees. Being able to connect people who can help each other out is one of the benefits of being part of a vibrant creative and entrepreneurial community.

This Could be the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Here is where I reveal my nefarious plan. It’s true. I don’t want to provide only this one package of services. I want to get in on the ground floor as a trusted partner in helping you launch and grow your business. And if you become so successful that you outgrow my services and move on to that Gold Standard agency, I count that as a big win for all involved.


The new wave of start-up companies

There’s an excellent article in the New York Times about young college graduates punting on the job market and choosing to become entrepreneurs instead. The anecdotes range from wildly successful to unabashed failures. Starting a business in your 20’s used to be an option only for the wealthy, well-connected or bold individualists willing to risk failure. Now it’s an attractive alternative to dead-end “entry level” jobs, serial “internships”, or living with your parents while avoiding the realization that your degree may have prepared you for nothing better than a career in retail sales.

Following several paragraphs of inspiring examples, the article cautions “Even if these 20-somethings pulled it off, the reality is a vast majority of entrepreneurs, of any age, don’t succeed.” Does having a job—any job—qualify as success? Which is preferable, a low-paying, insecure job not in your field of choice, or a start-up that limps along for a year or so, providing a meager income, but provides you with an understanding of business and markets that you would never have gotten sitting in a cubicle? That develops your self-discipline and expands your capabilities? That thrusts you into a management role a decade before you would experience it working your way up some mythical corporate ladder?

For young entrepreneurs who want to learn more about starting a business, finding funding and other resources, and ditching the job search routine, check out Never Get a Real Job, and it’s companion, the Death to the Resume Movement. In fact, if you’re not young and not an entrepreneur, check it out anyway. It might come in handy next time you’re laid off.


Downtown Durham start-ups buzzing

RTP has always been the center of entrepreneurial activity in the Raleigh-Durham area, but downtown Durham is coming into its own as a hotbed of start-up activity. The new website lists 14 start-ups in downtown, employing an estimated 170 people. Hyperlocal blog Bull City Rising has hired correspondent Justin Landwehr to write a series of articles focusing on the start-up scene throughout Durham. With the Center for Entrepreneurial Development moving their headquarters to the American Tobacco Campus in October, there may be more to talk about in downtown Durham than baseball and beer.