New Logo Design for Financial Services Company

Mindful Financial LogoMindful Financial is a financial services company whose slogan is Increased Financial Awareness and Peace of Mind. One of the images we considered for the website (still in progress) is a stack of rocks. The stack of rocks indicates a stable foundation—a good thing to have both financially and mentally—and also connotes a sense of balance. In a logo, though, the stack of rocks didn’t work as well: at a quick glance they tended to merge into a single shape. Separating them may defy gravity, but they also form an image of stepping stones. Since Mindful Financial has a 5-Step Plan to Financial Peace of Mind, this worked out perfectly as a metaphor for your step-by-step progress towards financial peace of mind.

The circles have several layers of meaning. They are evocative of coins, and therefore of money, a clear association with financial planning. The inner and outer circle, each themselves containing an inner and outer circle, are like ripples in water, implying the effects that the smallest actions can have far-reaching consequences. Circles are also symbolic of wholeness and harmony.