Start-up Brand Identity Package

“…building and sustaining a powerful entrepreneurial brand is critical if a venture is to survive, grow, and endure…”
– Frederick G. Crane, “Marketing for Entrepreneurs”

Red Beret Design works with you to develop a brand strategy that will help your business make an immediate and sustained impact in your market. Our Start-up Brand Identity Package includes the branding and communication basics needed to launch your corporate identity. We also offer options you can add to your Start-up Brand Identity Package to start building your library of branded communications materials.

Red Beret Design’s Start-up Brand Identity Package is specially designed for entrepreneurs who need a comprehensive branding solution for launching a new company.


  • Strategic brand consulting to ensure that you have a brand that resonates with your audience—not just a logo that looks nice
  • Integration with your growth and marketing plans, to ensure that you have a solid brand platform on which to build your business
  • Optional services to help you get the most out of your initial branding investment
  • Expert advice on website usability and online marketing
  • Custom, professional design
  • Attentive, personal service
  • Logo files in multiple formats so that your logo will look great wherever you use it—on a billboard, on a coffee cup, in a newspaper, or on a sign.

All of these services included in the price:


The Start-Up Brand Identity Package includes:

Expand your brand with the following options: