Web Design

Your website is the hub of your brand. All your communications should lead here. Your website is a living, breathing document that should evolve with your business.

Perhaps more than any other part of your communications strategy, the website can be the most daunting, especially for a start-up company or new business. There are so many options: from having your clever nephew assemble something for free using your web host’s template software, to a custom-designed, custom-coded website, with ongoing maintenance, that costs more to build than you had allocated for your entire year’s marketing budget.

Red Beret Design’s approach is to design custom websites on development platforms that enable you to have a feature-rich website without custom programming…and then empower you to be able to update the content yourself (of course, we’re always a phone call away if you need help).

The first question we ask: What do you want your website to accomplish for your business?

Do you need to generate sales leads? Sell products? Build a community? Inspire people to action? Teach? Get donations? The answer to those questions determine the recommendations for what platform, features, and design make the most sense for YOU. It will also form the basis of your Online Marketing Strategy, which may include search engine optimization, social media integration, a Google AdWords campaign, a content building initiative, and Google Analytics reporting to monitor your progress.

Most of our websites are built using the WordPress content management system and the Thesis theme framework. WordPress is renowned for its flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use. Thesis is the most versatile, customizable, and feature-packed theme available for WordPress. Read more about why WordPress is our platform of choice.

For simpler needs or smaller budgets, we can design websites on Weebly. Weebly has a more limited set of features, but can be an attractive option for businesses who need basic websites. The Ning platform can be used to create a facebook-like online community. If you are truly committed to an aggressive lead generation strategy, Hubspot is the platform for you. We can also design websites for the Drupal and Joomla platforms. On those, however, we prefer to partner with developers who specialize in those platforms.