Print Design and Marketing Collateral

A well-designed, nicely printed suite of marketing collateral can enhance your brand and demonstrate your commitment to quality.

A lot of business communications and marketing have moved to digital media, but by no means all. Many businesses still need brochures, flyers, folders and other printed materials.

The content of your marketing collateral conveys your message, but the quality says a lot about your brand. Digital printing on inexpensive paper can be an appropriate and cost-effective choice for many communications. But sometimes your brand is better served by a printed piece that conveys a sense of quality, luxury, professionalism, or innovation. Quality papers, printing techniques using foil or metallic inks, die cutting, unusual proportions, surprising folding or binding, or letterpress printing can bring something special to your printed communications…something that says “look at me again” rather than “toss me when you’re done”.

Red Beret Design works with you to figure out what design and printing will work best for your message, audience, and budget. Offset or digital printing? Four color, two color, or black and white? What paper, colors, folding, binding work best? What printer has the capabilities you need at a price you can afford? We help you to understand your options so that you make the best decisions possible.

We also look at the long term, to ensure that your printed materials reflect a consistent brand, message, and commitment to quality, and don’t appear to be a series of unrelated, one-off campaigns.

We can also help you leverage your printed materials in conjunction with your web presence, by creating digital versions that can be downloaded from your website, or by including QR codes or web addresses to landing pages that are coordinated with your print communications.

Red Beret Design is not a printing service. We can recommend printers, get competitive estimates, work with a printer of your choice, or provide you with a printable .pdf file so you can manage printing on your own. We can manage the entire printing process for you, but the printer is paid separately. This saves you money, as you do not incur mark-up charges.