Logo Design and Strategic Branding

Your logo is the public face of your brand. It shouldn’t be rushed, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Think of designing your logo like naming your baby…it requires thought, intuition, and an understanding of how that name might be perceived by the world at large.

The logo process begins with a strategy session aimed at understanding your business and your business goals. We may also discuss logos in general—what makes a successful logo, and what you can reasonably expect a logo to convey about your company. We then discuss how best to represent your brand in your logo. We may also take a look at existing logo designs in your or other industries in order to discern what you find appealing, what styles you favor, and what you dislike. We also look at the logos of your competition and of others in your industry, so that we can be sure to design a brand that is unique and not an industry cliché. We will also review what media your logo will be viewed in, to determine if there are any additional file formats needed besides the standard file formats we provide, and to ensure that your logo is not designed in a way that will incur extra printing costs.

After the strategy session, a creative brief will be provided to summarize the goal and objectives of the logo design.

Once the creative brief is approved, a minimum of three concepts will be presented for your review. Up to five rounds of revision to the chosen concept are included in the package price.

Your final Logo is provided in a full range of file formats, color modes and resolutions for every need.

Additional rounds of concepts or revisions, or the creation of additional file formats,
will be billed a rate of $90 per hour.

If your logo requires complex, detailed illustration, please inquire for a custom price estimate.