Direct Mail Design

Fewer businesses use direct mail than in the past. That spells opportunity for businesses who can break through the thinning clutter with quality, eye-catching, targeted direct mail pieces.

Direct mail may be dying, but it ain’t dead yet.

There are still plenty of times when a postcard, invitation, save the date card, or other missive is best sent through the U.S. Postal Service. We can help you sort through the many options of postcards, envelopes, perforated reply cards, or even innovative folding techniques that will catch someone’s attention much more than a simple letter or postcard.

With direct mail, there are postal regulations that must be met concerning size, proportion, and printing. We design your materials so that there are no surprises at the post office.

Direct mail should be an element of your Online Marketing Strategy. By using QR codes and specialized landing pages, we can use your direct mail campaign to drive (and measure!) traffic and capture leads.

Red Beret Design is not a printing service. We can recommend printers, get competitive estimates, work with a printer of your choice, or provide you with a printable .pdf file so you can manage printing on your own. We can manage the entire printing process for you, but the printer is paid separately. This saves you money, as you do not incur mark-up charges.

Red Beret Design does not compile mailing lists or manage mailing. We can recommend mailing services as well as printers that handle mailing.