Business Cards, Stationery, and Digital Branding

Stationery printed on fine linen paper may be passé for many,
but maintaining your brand image is as critical in digital communications as it was in the snail mail world.

Traditionally, a brand identity package would include a business card, letterhead and envelope. In today’s communications world, though, printed stationery is often superfluous.

Instead, we offer a suite that covers your brand needs for networking (business card), email (email signature), social media presence (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) and online forums (gravatar). Of course, if you want a traditional stationery package, we can do that too.

We recommended using a double-sided business card, which offers more room for your website address, social media links, QR codes, or other communications channels.

While some of our clients prefer pre-printed stationery, many prefer a letterhead template in Microsoft Word, which enables them to print letterhead on an office printer, or to save the file as a .pdf and send it via email or upload it to a website.

Another stationery option to consider is note cards with matching envelopes. While most sales letters, contracts, etc. can be handled using digital communications, a thank you note or other short, handwritten message on a small, branded note card printed on quality paper can add a special touch to your communications.

If you do a lot of in-person networking, consider a business card design that stands out from the crowd. Specialty paper, embossing, foil, die cutting, and letterpress printing are all techniques that can give your card that special touch that people notice.

Red Beret Design is not a printing service. We can recommend printers, get competitive estimates, work with a printer of your choice, or provide you with a printable .pdf file so you can manage printing on your own. We can manage the entire printing process for you, but the printer is paid separately. This saves you money, as you do not incur mark-up charges.