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Claire Doyle RaginI founded Red Beret Design in Durham, NC in 2004 as a solo studio focused on strategic communication design. I am a graphic designer, a web designer, and a logo designer. I also work with my clients on search engine optimization and online marketing.

As the owner of a small business, I enjoy working with other small business owners on branding and marketing. As a veteran of several start-up companies, I relish the excitement of working hard for a new endeavor (although I don’t miss the all-nighters. Or the pizza.)

Somewhere around the age of fifteen, I chose the path of art over science. But I never lost my love of science, particularly the life sciences. It has been an honor and a pleasure for me to work with a number of healthcare and medical technology clients, both here in North Carolina, and earlier in my career in California.

I have over 30 years experience in design and communication. Prior to founding Red Beret Design, I worked throughout the 1990s at several Silicon Valley technology start-up companies as art director, website producer and content manager. I draw on this experience to help entrepreneurs and high-growth companies in their branding, communications and marketing efforts. Prior to that I was a broadcast designer, working in the top post-production facilities in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the San Francisco CBS and NBC affiliates, and for ABC Sports during the 1984 Olympics. You can read more details of my career on my LinkedIn profile.

Most of my career has been spent on the bleeding edge of communications technology. I was designing using computers before the launch of the Mac, and managing a global community website before the term “social media” was coined. I covered the explosive growth of digital technology in broadcasting for 10 years as a columnist for Television Broadcast magazine and in numerous hands-on reviews of design technology in Videography. I never stop learning, and I enjoy sharing what I learn about design, technology, and business with others, which I do on occasion via the Red Beret Design blog.

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